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Best Birthday Gift for a writer

Today is my Birthday and my life partner gifted me a cake mentioning achievements of my blog from past one year, and two books on the side from the best authors of writing to read, learn and improve more in writing skills which are motivating me to take resolution of writing more, expressing more and utilizing the canvas of blog for painting my thoughts and spreading the word.

Thanks Hubby 😍😍

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Time for another shout out !!


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.25.39 pm

Hey Friends !!

Hope you are doing well. Finally the day has come when my blog has crossed 500 followers   .Yeah you might feel bizarre that what’s the big deal in achieving such number because there are many new bloggers who claim to reach at this level very soon after they start.But here I would ask you a question before writing anything further . Have you asked a turtle how it feels when he slowly and steadily wins the race ?? Here  that turtle is me ,though I had not been part of any race in blogging with others, as we all are on same boat on word press , but still I am enthralled by this achievement because my continuity and hard work paid off I believed, and I am at upper level from what I had before .Though my writings got 511 followers today, but my viewers are more than it since from long time, people liked my work and gave feedback about my blog which is the my biggest motivation.So thanks to all readers.

I started this blog with the feeling that I may help others in healing,I may represent optimism in different situations of life and my writings may influence the bright side of people, not sure  if I had been able to do  much but somewhere your feedback reflect my vision and mission.

There is another good news that I have been nominated this time for a new award which is The Versatile blogger award by Maya Bhat . She has a very amazing blog so make sure that you visit her through the link .


So here are the rules to follow after accepting the nomination :

  1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you and share his or her link.
  2. Nominate 10 or less than 10 other blogger friends for this award with their link.
  3. They must be informed about it.

I am making a slight change in the rule by making it an open nomination this time ,so feel free to claim it .You all deserve it.

Now Maya has forwarded the question, which ask some facts about me :

  1. When I am good ,I am really good but if someone  poke me with bad intention, then they may see my worst side.

  2. I believe in hope, first or last doesn’t matter until I have the gut feeling.

  3. There is nothing which I can’t do, all I need is patience and strong focus.

  4. I love by heart not by mind .

  5. For people whom I love the most , I can do anything for them in my limit and even beyond.

Thanks for reading !!

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Myths and facts of Feminism



Feminism is  a fight against men ;

No it’s a fight against patriarchal and dominating thoughts ,

Feminism is  a fight against freedom gifted to men;

No it’s a fight against inequality between freedom of men and women,

Feminism is  a fight against the strength that a man’s body can have ;

No it’s a fight against the body shaming that only women face,

Feminism is a fight against marrying a successful man ;

No it’s a fight against repudiation of  high pay in case of woman

Feminism is a fight against customs and traditions of arrange marriage;

No it’s a fight against perfectly inelastic demand curve  set for a gender’s family.

Feminism is not fight against men, it’s a fight against thoughts.

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Delhi – A city of history & India Gate

Though I don’t belong to Delhi but my connection is bit strange with this city.I lived here for sometime in childhood and then I came back again for my Post Graduation and I remember the first day when I entered, the dreams I had in my eyes and the promise I made to myself.It’s bizarre that a city which doesn’t belong to you make more strong connection with you and you decide that you will do whatever it will take to prove your worth.It never happened with me after that though I had been to many places and I am still proud of my work and the challenges I fought with.But last month when I went there after a quite long time , I felt that Delhi is not same as it was that time but a place which still touch my heart is India Gate.Fifteen to twenty  minutes walk from Central Secretariat metro station to India Gate and having Bhelpuri there and ice cream cone while coming back always made my day and still the pleasure is same specially during dusk.If some one really want to explore the reality of Indian culture and heritage ,should visit this place . Either you may find some people doing the candle light march for the brave or you may find the men and  women in Rajasthani attire selling artistic ornaments or if you are lucky enough to get the passes of Republic Day and Independence Day Parade, you will surely feel proud on India and it’s capital city,even if you are not a citizen  .And the icing on the cake when while walking back from India Gate you take some more steps towards Rashtrapati Bhavan .I will share some pictures to mark the clarity of my words ..


The beautiful cloud formation all around the India Gate and the three flags amidst are of Army,Navy and Airforce ……



The women in traditional attire  having discussions


The sun is preparing to set in the clouds and Rashtrapati Bhavan has been silhouetted against the sky…

Thanks for reading !!

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An ode to Teachers

teachers day


Tyranny of  teachers is when they don’t understand 

every student of their class and classify them as per their 

own understanding of excellence….

But the magnanimity of them is when the failure 

of their any single student is accepted by them as their failure…..

Though many people in our life teach us some lesson either good or bad, but teacher plays a major role in designing the building blocks  of our life…

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Seven steps for remaining strong and getting over from break up

Yes I am flustered…………………………….

Relationships are made for living happily with a person whom you love the most.But what if those relations become complicated ?? What if  threads of trust in relationship get break ?? or What if  the other person has taken you for granted ? I think in all such cases the answer would be it’s better to get rid from such relationship,Right ??But it’s not that easy to detach the strings of emotional connection .That’s why phase of breakup become difficult to bear and mostly people go through depression . So it won’t be a great suggestion if I would say once you breakup forget everything in a second.But yes there are few steps which may help in self – recovery :

  1. Don’t make alcohol your best friend : Not every but mostly  men and women choose this ubiquitous path of DevD so that they may sleep well ,could easily forget the person and pain of relationship. But that doesn’t happen ,instead this way may make you lost deep in black hole from which you wanted to come out.

        When you are happy consuming alcohol might be fun but when you are sad ,it becomes addiction.

2. Don’t hesitate in asking for help because your life is important : If you don’t have any trustworthy friend or family person with whom you may share about your circumstances to come out from the situation, take the help of Counselors .I know there is societal stigma attached with it as mostly people think that a person only take help of Wellness coaches and Psychologists when they go through some sort of mental disorder.But it’s not true  . This phase is so sensitive that one should take care of his /her mental health along with physical wellbeing with positive attitude and thanks to technology as there are many AI platforms in mental health care where one can take help online in an anonymous way too.


3.Go for a trip and plan for some adventurous activities: Try to change your surroundings by planning a trip with your friends or family . If you like traveling this is best naturopathy to make yourself feel better.

4.Join some activity classes for leisure  : Yoga is the best therapy for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at a time , apart from this one can join activities like swimming, dance and music to relax mood and sustaining the inner confidence.

It is said that when people feel good about their physique, they become  more confident about themselves too.

5. Focus on your long term goals : You might have made some long term goals with the person who is not in your life anymore but that doesn’t mean that your other goals have been devastated too.This is the time when you can focus more on your career and may become legend  or may give your precious time to those people who are always standing behind you ,no matter what.

6.Not every breakup become the end of story : This point is very important because it is not necessary that if you have been through break up in your relationship once, you can’t patch up.If the duo of a love story are really connected with each other but they break up due to family issues or some ego factor , then they need to stand strong with each other forgetting the ego because if they are together then no one can come between them.

7.Forget the bitter moments of past from your life by flushing them off  from your mind and forgive people for the sake of treasuring the sweet moments .

Thank you for reading !!

Sometimes it’s important to let go the wrong person so that the right one may come in your life at the right time……