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New Year & Golden Memoirs of 2016

Hey Guys!!

I am back after being in celebration mode for a week…..he ..he.. and hope that you all had an astonishing celebration  too while welcoming the new year.

Every new year comes with lots of expectations being oblivious, gets start with new resolutions and we almost tend to forget about showing gratitude for all good deeds happened in  last year because we look forward for a better tomorrow.But today while penning down a new post of 2017 ,I would like to go through the list of five golden memoirs I had gathered in the year 2016 for which I am really thankful to God and my family.

1.An unexpected travel to Australia,My first foreign trip:

Being a travel freak I had a dream of traveling outside India , to explore the  beauty of universe and an unexpected opportunity of coming in Australia was a wonderful gift which reduced some baggage of my bucket list……lol.


2.A friend circle :  I didn’t expect that a new country could offer a set of friends from different parts of world who would be genuine enough.



3.Struggle for a  job in new country, the experience behind and achievements : The moment which showed me the real faces of people,the people who encouraged and guided me well could be differentiated from those who were giving irrelevant advices and taunted on taking this decision.

4.Motivational speaking blown up in my persona.

5.And the most crucial ,blogging became my addiction and I got you all around me.

So here I wish a very Happy New Year to all of you.Of course you all would have some awesome memoirs to look back with lots of new resolutions for a wonderful future ,do share them with us ,I am sure every one would love to read and get inspired from them…..

Have a great time !!

Happy Blogging !!

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” Never let the smile go off from your face”

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My story ~ My In-laws praise me and my relatives find reason to poke

Two months ago my husband got to know that his company have plans  of sending  him to abroad for  a  year or more and he asked me about my decision,whether I want both of us to remain in India as I was working too, or am I ready to move along with him?? which could means dumping of my career  as it’s not easy to come out of your comfortable zone  ,again struggle to find a desirable job in some other country,even if you have work permit . Undoubtedly my decision was same like the one,I took one and half years before,of leaving my job in Delhi and moving to Hyderabad. I am a risk taking person because I strongly confide on my abilities ,so I gave notice period in my company.After we moved to Sydney,whenever I had conversed with relatives of my side,I was slapped with the negativism every time like I would be having much leisure,or I shouldn’t spend my husband’s money over phone calls or I should do kids in this free time as if a woman don’t has the right to take rest for her own ,which made me feel pity on me .Even when I stopped calling them, for some time I felt that my identity is based on my working in some company and I committed a big mistake by leaving my job.

On the contrary my in-laws and relatives of my husband’s family use to praise my understanding and sacrifice for growth of my husband and wish us happily.My mother and sister-in-law calls me, message me on regular basis to check whether I am taking care of myself before taking care of their son.Even my husband understands the value of my decision and encourage me to utilize this time in best way by doing those things which I couldn’t do while working because of lack of time, like  writing blogs, sketch art or any other hobbies in which I am interested, as it could be a turning point for my career too. After he comes from office, he use to come in kitchen to assist me in dinner making ,so that I don’t feel alone and even he use to cook for me sometimes on weekends .When ever I write something,he read it and tell me where I need to correct,so that next time I could come out with something best.In office hours he just concentrate on his work ,but when he come back, his time is mine and it doesn’t mean that he don’t have space for his own.This makes me realize that my dignity just not depends on working outside home,instead what  I am doing now is still dignified and what ever my hubby is earning is not just his own,instead I can proudly say we both are working hard in our ways to earn it.

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Story of my Indian Parents

Though Parents   all over the world would be different in their ways of expressing love and making sacrifice for their children , but Indian parents embodied with variety of traditions, culture and societal norms are unique.

My Mom says that my father could not sacrifice anything beyond his comfort level, especially food but still I must say he sacrificed in his own ways .I remember when I had to take admission in MBA and he was  not ready for it, I conceited at him and said

‘Papa, I will take loan and pay my fee if you are not ready for it.

When I will get placed, I will repay it’.

My father heard calmly and didn’t said anything .I went to bank with my Mom , but they refused to give me loan because firstly I was taking admission in private University, due to which they couldn’t give me loan on my basis and secondly we were not having any property in city which could be kept with them on mortgage, because my parents made me study in top school only who were having expensive fee, due to which they could not save much amount to invest and buy home . This dissipated my last hope and I felt pity on me.

Next day when I arose, my father was not there .Mom told that he went to the market for some work, but when he came back he astonished me with his question…

“When you have to submit the fee? “ I replied “before end of this month” ,while staring him. He gave me a packet and said ‘’Ok,go with your mom and submit it’’ .Then again he thrown a question over me, You know why I wasn’t agreed with your plan of borrowing loan? I sarcastically replied with No. He said, because I didn’t want to put you under burden of tension of repaying loan, once you get placed. That time I really wanted to hide myself somewhere in guilt to go apeshit without knowing the exact situation. Few days after I came to know that my father had arranged some amount of money by taking a pre installment of next quarter from farming contractors, which meant that for the next three months, his major source of income had been shut .

Though I already knew that every time my parents did best for me, but this incident had really opened my eyes. I realized that every person around me used to shower their love in words, but it was my parents who took the action without thinking about them at once, whenever I needed them. It was my parents who gave me everything, I had asked them, sometimes even before. Even when I completed my MBA and get placed, the amount that I had gathered in my account, they refused to take and asked me to keep it for secure future. I am really proud to be daughter of such great parents who have high self esteem along with ocean of love.

“There are not one or two incidents which reflect their good deeds, they are just countless.”


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 Mom : My Best Guru & Friend

                                                          “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” ―Washington Irving