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Zumba is the new trend in fitness

Are you a person who always want to do something for yourself and your body but find gym ,jog and just exercises too boring ? then let’s do hi-5 because it happened with me too. As we know there are two kinds of people , some people who doesn’t gain weight even if they don’t exercise and eat everything and some are those kinda who if don’t take care of their body easily gain weight and I am from one of the second kinda . So in pressure of doing something, firstly I tried gym but it wasn’t apt for me ,then I started morning walk even but couldn’t continue it due to environmental effects and in this hustle bustle of trying new things, leaving them with no constraint on eating habits ,I had gained lot of weight in past few months and everybody around me made sure of reminding that.

What I had found about my requirement of joining activity was something with which I may get swayed and even if I try to discontinue, it doesn’t let me.But before finding out what exactly should I do ,I went through lots of dilemma.Firstly thought to join yoga, then about learning swimming ,joining badminton and different activities, finally I came to know about Zumba from one of my friend which was new for me and I thought of exploring it. I searched for the Zumba sessions in my area and luckily my search ended with 100 feet dance studio in Hyderabad which provides Zumba, Bollywood, Tollywood dancing and Afro beat classes.For those who are not much aware about “Zumba “,

Zumba is a “fun and effective” dance fitness class that provides “A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesomeness each time you leave class.A unique element of Zumba is that you receive very few verbal cues. The teacher shouts encouraging words and a few basic instructions, but mostly students watch and mimic”.

The most interesting part is that all over the world it should work on same format but every studio doesn’t follow the standards.So when I took my first session of demo class in 100 feet dance studio I became very sure that this is the thing I wanna do because here it included every activity from stretching to dancing feet with some yoga asanas and meditation. The cumulative effect of doing Zumba in my dance studio is, a body that is stiff and somewhat robotic will have to react and dance in appropriate multidirectional patterns relaxing the brain, increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving agility and co-ordination, strengthening muscles, bones from multiple angles and enhancing flexibility.

Our Instructors Geeta & Sumit

And what I liked most about my studio is that, there is no one to judge you, all you need to do is move your body whether your steps are syncing or not and after some days, body get used to moves and start copying and nobody can understand this better than me because I am very bad in following.That one hour session is to relax mind and let just the body work and sometimes different sort of complement dancing becomes the icing on cake which really connected me with Zumba class because dancing has always been my hobby and it’s really fun rather than just work out and here one can expect upbeat music and dancing, including Bollywood, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, soca, samba, hip hop and tango – and if you can lean into the experience, smiles, cheering, a good sweat and possibly a few giggles will be the goodies to take along .When I started my classes I used to have muscle strain and pain but instructors guided me with some low impact version until my body regained it’s normal state.Now, I know there are people who will scoff and say that Zumba is not as intense a workout as, say boot camp or one of those ultimate beach-body classes that many gym offers. That may be true, but it is also true that a class won’t do me any good if I won’t go to it.

Me and my Zumba batch mates…

Dance performance by me and my batch mates on Balam Pichkari song……

It’s been just two months since I have joined it so I can’t boast much about the changes occurred in my body shape because I have set high goals for me ,though people around me have started complementing me but what I have noticed prominently about me is that I am feeling better about myself and gained much confidence. All I can conclude is that quintessence of my persona and dance have been embraced .

Zumba is for everybody and every body.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Myths and facts of Feminism



Feminism is  a fight against men ;

No it’s a fight against patriarchal and dominating thoughts ,

Feminism is  a fight against freedom gifted to men;

No it’s a fight against inequality between freedom of men and women,

Feminism is  a fight against the strength that a man’s body can have ;

No it’s a fight against the body shaming that only women face,

Feminism is a fight against marrying a successful man ;

No it’s a fight against repudiation of  high pay in case of woman

Feminism is a fight against customs and traditions of arrange marriage;

No it’s a fight against perfectly inelastic demand curve  set for a gender’s family.

Feminism is not fight against men, it’s a fight against thoughts.

© Payal Tyagi

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Seven steps for remaining strong and getting over from break up

Yes I am flustered…………………………….

Relationships are made for living happily with a person whom you love the most.But what if those relations become complicated ?? What if  threads of trust in relationship get break ?? or What if  the other person has taken you for granted ? I think in all such cases the answer would be it’s better to get rid from such relationship,Right ??But it’s not that easy to detach the strings of emotional connection .That’s why phase of breakup become difficult to bear and mostly people go through depression . So it won’t be a great suggestion if I would say once you breakup forget everything in a second.But yes there are few steps which may help in self – recovery :

  1. Don’t make alcohol your best friend : Not every but mostly  men and women choose this ubiquitous path of DevD so that they may sleep well ,could easily forget the person and pain of relationship. But that doesn’t happen ,instead this way may make you lost deep in black hole from which you wanted to come out.

        When you are happy consuming alcohol might be fun but when you are sad ,it becomes addiction.

2. Don’t hesitate in asking for help because your life is important : If you don’t have any trustworthy friend or family person with whom you may share about your circumstances to come out from the situation, take the help of Counselors .I know there is societal stigma attached with it as mostly people think that a person only take help of Wellness coaches and Psychologists when they go through some sort of mental disorder.But it’s not true  . This phase is so sensitive that one should take care of his /her mental health along with physical wellbeing with positive attitude and thanks to technology as there are many AI platforms in mental health care where one can take help online in an anonymous way too.


3.Go for a trip and plan for some adventurous activities: Try to change your surroundings by planning a trip with your friends or family . If you like traveling this is best naturopathy to make yourself feel better.

4.Join some activity classes for leisure  : Yoga is the best therapy for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at a time , apart from this one can join activities like swimming, dance and music to relax mood and sustaining the inner confidence.

It is said that when people feel good about their physique, they become  more confident about themselves too.

5. Focus on your long term goals : You might have made some long term goals with the person who is not in your life anymore but that doesn’t mean that your other goals have been devastated too.This is the time when you can focus more on your career and may become legend  or may give your precious time to those people who are always standing behind you ,no matter what.

6.Not every breakup become the end of story : This point is very important because it is not necessary that if you have been through break up in your relationship once, you can’t patch up.If the duo of a love story are really connected with each other but they break up due to family issues or some ego factor , then they need to stand strong with each other forgetting the ego because if they are together then no one can come between them.

7.Forget the bitter moments of past from your life by flushing them off  from your mind and forgive people for the sake of treasuring the sweet moments .

Thank you for reading !!

Sometimes it’s important to let go the wrong person so that the right one may come in your life at the right time……

©Payal Tyagi

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Influencing stories and advice from guest bloggers : Part 4


Hello Fellas,

I know weekend is the time when each one of us becomes lethargic and believe in taking rest in different ways like traveling to a place or sleeping whole day or cooking some delicious recipes or writing excerpts of an unpublished book or just relaxing and not doing anything etc. and yes we as humans definitely have the right to do that. So to make the atmosphere cool , I am coming again  with another part of Influencing stories and advice from  a new guest blogger. Well she is the one who is known for her fictional and non-fictional stories which gives strong message , not taking much time I am just going to announce her name and she is none other than Purva Narang . Surely give a visit to her blog.

Thanks Purva for accepting my invitation and taking out time for giving answers to my questions for this episode  🙂

So here comes the questions for you :

1. What motivated you to start blogging ??

 Purva :That quote by William Wordsworth” Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”. I am embraced with lots of hobbies like music, painting and many more but none of them has given me as much satisfaction as blogging does.

  2. Where do you see yourself a year after ??

Purva : To a more better blogger and of course a better writer. We do learn so many new things everyday, everywhere and every time so as in blogging something we learn from others and vice versa.I have started blogging in the end of August 2016 and fortunately I think I have achieved more in short time, I mean more than 1k followers, more than 15k views and many comments too. That is great because a blogger is nothing without it’s visitors, viewers and commenters those appreciate to write more and more.

3. What  tips and piece of advice you want to give to other bloggers ??

Purva : Though I know I am not such a professional blogger and many of you can be more better than me but I can share what I think just write what you want unless thinking what others are. If you love what you are writing then only others will love , as content is the golden key. And secondly, it’s a give and take phenomenon if you read other blogs, comment on them then only others are interested in doing the same, haha. .Thank you very much.I really enjoyed giving answers.

Well Purva , I totally agree with your tips and advice and I am overwhelmed by making you part of this section.

So let’s finish it with Thought of the Day :

Keep writing and improve your content quality ,it will surely reach to others .
Content is the key…


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Working woman or Homemaker : Both are worth praising

” Dear daughter , I want you to become a working woman and be independent because a home maker like me who don’t earn money , always get in ears a word called liability ” , a mother said to her daughter.

” Mom , the hard work that you had put in our upbringing and making this home beautiful is no where less than the effort I will put after being a working women or Papa had put in to make our life comfortable and the words you have heard were because of patriarchal thinking  and you know what , you can start  earning now as well  ” , daughter said.

” But my time has gone and I can’t work for someone at this age “, mother said.

” Mom, age is just a number , it’s time to give exposure to your talent of creativity  which is not at all difficult in this world of internet  “,  her daughter said.

Thanks for reading and never let smile fall off from your face .

© Payal Tyagi

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Know Your Purpose

there-are-two-great-days-in-a-persons-life   discover-your-life-purpose

The one who survive in  drastic situations are not the one’s with most money and strength but the one’s who have something to live for ,wrote by Victor Frankl’s in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” .

Have you ever gave  a thought ,that what’s your purpose of existence ?? We all have come in this world with some objective but sometimes  a thin line  get drawn between existence and realisation of purpose which makes people blur in their minds. There are people who just live their own life, become selfish and leave  this earth without doing anything for anyone , these sort of people get forgotten  much early then people who work and earn for themselves  too but with a difference.Like Lady Gaga said once,

” I don’t want to  make money,I want to make difference “.

That difference is leaving a positive impact.So the whole discussion is not about getting remembered but very much about impact by doing an effort to change someone else’s  life which make a person more successful  .

Even if a Entrepreneur makes a product that doesn’t serves the purpose of it’s existence, people don’t buy it.

So to make it more clear some of the aphorism from successful people

  who says ,

1. Family is everything ,

2.Superhuman work ethic #hustle and #grind  & Find your meaning and make it count  ~ Scooter Braun

3.What ever your purpose is, strive for it  ~ Justin Bieber from his album ” Purpose “.

4. Find a way to make an impact that is tied to business ~ Greg Propper ,Co-founder Propper Daley

5. There is nothing good about fame until it inspire others  ~ Russell Simmons .

6. Feel the good in people and inspire them to take action ~ Ahmen, Pop Artist

Have a wonderful day !!

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Influencing Stories & Advice from guest bloggers Part 3

Hey Everyone !!

Hope you are doing well !!

I knew that I took time to come back with story of a new blogger having some inspirations behind but now you don’t need to wait anymore ,so be ready to know about our new guest .She is a talented lifestyle blogger who blogs about fashion ,travel and day to day lifestyle and one thing is very common between us that she is from Delhi and I too have very strong connection with this city, so without taking much time, here I am going to announce the name of our guest of the weekend and she is none other than Ms.Falak. Many of you would already know her by the name of  MissTalkaholic blog.

1.What motivated you to start blogging?
-After writing for newspapers, magazines, and sites, I realized that I could write better for myself. Blogging gives you the freedom to write about anything & everything. You are your own boss and servant here. This is how I like to be.
2.Where do you see yourself a year after?
Within six months of blogging, I turned my free blog on WordPress to a self-hosted site, reached 2500 subscribers, got sponsors, so I surely see my blog “MissTalkaholic” grow further after 1 year.
3.How do you sift about an astonishing blog ?? Like in terms of quality, traffic, likes or followers and some tips/advice for upcoming bloggers.
-I know how much patience, hard work & dedication one needs to have to grow as a blogger, so I salute those who are the best in blogging. You earn subscribers through your hard work & you know the pain so you must praise those who are better than you. Never be jealous or be in competition with anyone.
P.S.- My little suggestion for the new bloggers is that if you really want to be good- get serious. Avoid participating in nominations all the time.

Thank you very much Falak for accepting my invitation ,taking out some time from your busy schedule and becoming a part of my Influencing stories section by giving your honest answers  🙂

Thought of the day :


 Give freedom to your words and be focused towards your goal always..
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Influencing Stories & Advice from Guest Bloggers#2

Hola !!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend ,so am I………he..he .As you all know that from last week I have started a new section which is Influencing Stories and advice from guest bloggers,so again I have come here  with  a new guest blogger and guess who she is ??

Well she is an amazing author ,a stupendous  blogger and a very sweet young girl ,so ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest of the day who is none other than Sweta Ojha.

Before moving forward I would love to  thank you Sweta for accepting my invitation and taking out your precious time for becoming a part of this exhilarating journey……….    🙂

Here comes my first question :

1.What motivated you to start blogging?

Once upon a time there lived a girl who wrote thoughts, turmoils and happiness in her diary. The first person she tortured with her works was her brother. To every work, her brother had no words of appreciation. Sometime, he’d say it’s not his genre and sometime he’d dismiss matters with an “Okay”. They lived like a happy family proud of the book she wrote early that year until one day he spoke over coffee, “Why don’t you have a blog as of yet silly?” Having said that, I never really saw myself as a blogger. I got motivated to have a blog after being able to complete writing a book. I am sure that proves how blogging to me had always been a coveted job and something I thought I’d rather not be able to pull off. But after the start, there has never been a setback and I’d say I’ve found my love for writing a solace in blogging.

2.Where do you see yourself a year after?

A year is practically too less a time to go about a settled future and yet the last year has paid me very well in terms of appreciation, love and life from people. However, a year after, I’m sure nothing changes on the daily routine. I’d be a graduate. I’d still be blogging. I see myself writing a lot which could be a book or the blog itself. I’d still be chasing the small dreams and striking them off, when achieved. Last year, I debuted as a novelist and SAVERA, our baby NGO started reaching goals. Next year, I do hope I’ll achieve more goals personally and that SAVERA would maximize efforts to spread the motto- “Spread love. Spread smile. Be the change you desire in the world.” Dreams when set as goals are my daily resolutions and I hope I find myself living more of life through these, next year.

3.How do you sift about an astonishing blog ?? Like in terms of traffic,followers or content quality and some tips for upcoming bloggers/beginners.

An astonishing blog for me is a blog that either offers varied content or has a unique point that sets it apart. I follow blogs with less than 50 followers and also those with a count over 1k, that’s how least important is the followers count for me. The content must speak out before anything else does. I am very much fond of originality,creativity and a strong view point. If a blog has any one of these, it is definitely worth your time and read. There’s always value for words in the blogging community and that is what, we should stick onto. Remember, we are here because we are dedicated to what we love. Traffic and followers will follow side by side with time As for the advice part, I’m myself a very new blogger who almost never imagined to be recognized and appreciated so well for blogging. I would rather share what I’ve learned.

There are two major points to my story –

1.You need to believe you can and be your own kind of individual. What you write speaks for you in the blogosphere. So why not create, edit and master what is yours already? You’ve got to be a reader as much as you write.

2.You learn , you interact, you grow and you prosper. That’s the basic idea.

4. Can you give us some more points of advice being an author ??

1. Writers Block is hyped. Everybody needs break and the same pattern adds stress. If you are worried about why you can’t write something, remember you write because you enjoy doing that. It should be your stress buster.

2. Ideas won’t come and ideas may get lost. Out of 100, 10 work but for that you have to think 100.

3. As for a book, people mail me regarding how they fear starting up because they cannot bring themselves to a climax. I believe, start right when you get the thought. You discover your destination while on the journey.

Thank you very much Payal for this sweet gesture. I thoroughly enjoyed answering and I hope that these words never fall short for us.

Thought of the day :

      “When you desire for something,start working for it now.There is no tomorrow”

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Influencing Stories From Guest Bloggers # Part 1

Hola !!

Every blogger is himself /herself an inspiration because they already took the step forward about which many are just thinking .Each of us when started ,needed some tips ,some inspiration and a mould for conversion of our thoughts and ideas in an exquisite form and even once we become successful we need to rejuvenate.For this purpose I have started a new section ,Influencing stories Of Blogging with some tips from Guest Bloggers which would be shown in Influencing drive category of my blog and every week or once a month I will try to bring some new tips  for you from my guests as I believe ” Every blogger is unique in their way “

Here I am going to announce my first guest whom most of you might already know,she have an amazing blog and I have chosen her as my first guest because apart from her friendship she offered me motivation wherever I required in blogging.She took my Interview once in which I told that I started blogging a year before but I took it seriously from october 2016 and that was the time where I required support to know how my blog is persuading by other readers where Eni and few other bloggers who became my friends ,really supported me well and I can see the change now in my writings,in my webpage and in me as well  and also I would love to say writing is not my habit,it’s my addiction now.

A famous quote says ” Your speed doesn’t matter,forwarded is forwarded “

Source :Unknown

So dear all hold your heart beats and exhilaration as she is none other  than Okoto Enigma . If you haven’t visited her blog yet,do visit and I can give you surety that you will not regret …….. he..he

Thanks Enigma for accepting my invitation and taking out some time to answer my questions along with giving some inspirational tips for our readers and new bloggers.

Q.1  What motivated you to start blogging ??

I honestly get this question a lot, and I’ve never had a straight answer to give. I’ve always had the idea of blogging in my head; but I didn’t know how it worked so I never gave it a try. August last year, when my cousin told me he had a blog, I told me about my dream to  have my own blog, and he told me to go for it. I was a bit hesitant but I did. On September 1st last year, I created my blog with Blogger. I didn’t understand a thing so I created my blog with WP instead on September 4th and it was way better. I had no idea what I wanted to blog about; but I did whatever came to mind. September was my learning month; I used it to learn everything I could about WP. October was when my milestone began; it was a huge achievement for me. It’s been 4 months with 1k followers and a lot of blogger friends; and it has been the best four months. So what motivated me to start blogging? I don’t know; it was just a feeling, or an idea. And after a while, I went for it.

Q.2 Where do you see yourself a year after ?

Well, I could say in a mansion, with millions. But c’mon, this is real life.I’m actually working on a project, more like a business or something like that which I hope will work out soon enough. So in a year from now, which is 2018, I see myself as my own boss, making my own money, and preparing to be a full adult when I turn 20, and ready to graduate; if I haven’t. I see my blog being something that’s really popular and successful. But most importantly, I see myself with my family and those I love.

Q.3 How do you find out that a blog is astonishing? Like in terms of traffic, likes, followers or content and some tips for upcoming bloggers/beginners :

I can’t really say because based on traffic, I don’t really know about that. Based on likes, if you have loyal followers, you can post whatever and get enough likes😅 .

Based on followers, I see people with thousands of followers who barely get likes on their post. Based on content, can’t say for sure because you can post quality content and still not get likes. I just need to be captivated by somethings in the person’s post; that’s it. My advice is to be yourself. It’s your blog so post whatever you like, and don’t compare your blog to someone else’s because everyone has a unique strategy.

Thanks for this Payal❤😊

Now,the points I have noted about being successful in blogging  while talking to Enigma:

1.Always share your point,your original thoughts “Be Yourself,Be you “.A wonderful blog doesn’t get searched by other readers on the basis of it’s traffic,likes and followers on prior basis but on it’s originality of creation.

2.If are you not getting enough followers or likes,don’t get demotivated by thinking that people are not liking your blog instead focus on networking and ask other bloggers for feedback and spread your word on social media too.

3.Always try to give a positive meaning to message you are spreading.

Hope you all will enjoy reading it !!

Thought of the Day:

Don’t look back ,you are not going that way and never let the smile go off from your face.


Often in today’s time Les Parents need to work to earn  a bright future for their children,but surely this should not get obliterate from their moral values that money can’t buy those expensive moments ,which will never gonna come back once they are gone.When kids enters in teenage  stage,they love to spend time with friends,so the affection and emotion which could still bind them with  parents could be created in their childhood only and it’s really important to maintain a friendly relation with them.

A Thoughtful Converse