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Writer’s Block


It happens with every writer,

when they try to knit the sweater ;

of muses designed in mind,

which while penning down doesn’t bind.

Sometimes they rummage for notions around search engine

and then try to  shot the words from mind’s gun,

but pouring of  thoughts sometimes get lock,

that is the world of writer’s block.

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A Garden of Roses (Tanka)

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Varieties of roses

White ,peach ,pink ,yellow and red.

Some  kissed by black ants

On others honeybees were sucking nectar.

Ignoring thorns on which roses laid on.

© Payal Tyagi

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today – Dale Carnegie

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Enjoy the different pictures of roses in the slide show 🙂

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Third Wedding Anniversary


Rhythm of my life had been through various trough & crests

before you entered in my life ;

where I was singing alone in melancholy

and only critiques were  listening

Rhythm of my life still goes through high and low notes

but now you are there to listen too,

so my heart is blissful  and my song has become mellifluous………

This is the epiphany of  musical journey of our real lives where two incomplete rhythms  complement each other and complete a beautiful song.

It was our third wedding anniversary yesterday so this poem is a little tribute to handsome soul of my life……




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Sonnets From A Wonderful Date

O’Love ! When I met you for the first time, grinning while staring  ;

My impalpable conscience told you are the one …… God chosen for future in writ,

The vibes amid by love and emotions, sputtering ;

The Bouquet of roses you bought with chocolates, melted my wit.

They said,….I am really fortunate and got you as gift,

Source: Sonnets From A Wonderful Date

~Payal Tyagi

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While walking On the lonely road my heart misses a beat

raking over, the ashes of the past on the street

where aloof moments  made me afraid of my own shadow

and my soul still shivers while thinking them of;


No,I don’t want to walk alone anymore

An independent  and aloof soul are two different shore,

May be I just need to change my ways

so that these lonely roads couldn’t follow my rays;


I  think it’s the time to find happiness inside me

and make loneliness jealous of thee

so that she may remain stay away from me

© Writings By Payal Tyagi




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Shouldn’t We Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day Together ??


Free-Download-Plain-Wallpaper-HDWhat all a woman can do ?? a question raised by many ,

As a mother, she  do multitasking

from giving birth to nurturing ;

As a  sister ,she  fight and care for her brother

from  school to studying, career to marrying ;

As a wife ,she becomes sort of another mother

from cooking to washing, from loving to guiding, from office to accounting ;

As a daughter, she can do all when  required

from business handling to car driving, from medication to home buying ;

As a friend she becomes a pillow ,

from consoling to encouraging ;

What  all a man can do ,had never been the question

There are some other faces of a woman too;

A Feminist,An Independent,A  Dominant,A  Victim ,A Survivor and  An Accused

As all men are unlike, likewise  all women are not same

What actually should be treated equal is virtue of being human

Because women just don’t need a single day to celebrate their power of existence

Every day is our’s

So respecting Men’s and Women’s Equality and Existence

rather than celebrating Women’s Day and Men’s Day


This is the time to celebrate World Humanity Day.

© Writings By Payal Tyagi


Never let smile fall off from your face

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What are your first meet moments ??


She came there while he was standing with his friends

Staring in each other’s eyes, they both smiled

Amidst a  question arised ;

Is this the definition of love at first sight ??

First meet  always  remain special for love birds

to some , it gives the memoirs of sweet moments

and to some it gives lessons of hard experience……

But it is always remarkable…….. ♥♥


What does your first meet experience  with someone special says about those moments ?

Would you like to share it with us, as Valentine’s day is round the corner , doesn’t matter even if you are single at present ??

Share love !! Share happiness !!

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Needle of the clock could be replaced but time can’t

Friends could be replaced but best friends can’t

Partners could be replaced but true love can’t

Wife could be replaced but mother’s love can’t

Figure could be replaced but body can’t

Face could be replaced but beauty can’t

Employees could be replaced but loyalty can’t

Work could be replaced but perfection can’t

Materials could be replaced but their memories can’t

House could be replaced but moments of home can’t

Hairs could be replaced but their growth can’t

An image could be replaced but potrait can’t

And it goes on………

P.S. : Beans of word “replacement” has been spilled,”Not every paraphernalia in this world could be replaced,many are irreplaceable “. Definitely no copyrights on images.

© Payal Tyagi,Life Memoirs Blog

                              Never let the  smile go off from your face