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Wisdom Wednesday

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Myths and facts of Feminism



Feminism is  a fight against men ;

No it’s a fight against patriarchal and dominating thoughts ,

Feminism is  a fight against freedom gifted to men;

No it’s a fight against inequality between freedom of men and women,

Feminism is  a fight against the strength that a man’s body can have ;

No it’s a fight against the body shaming that only women face,

Feminism is a fight against marrying a successful man ;

No it’s a fight against repudiation of  high pay in case of woman

Feminism is a fight against customs and traditions of arrange marriage;

No it’s a fight against perfectly inelastic demand curve  set for a gender’s family.

Feminism is not fight against men, it’s a fight against thoughts.

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“If  ‘E’  letter of word Friend get thrashed by nihilism of Ego ,the connotation of the”Friend” will become  obsolete and it’s essence will be pungent ”

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