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“If  ‘E’  letter of word Friend get thrashed by nihilism of Ego ,the connotation of the”Friend” will become  obsolete and it’s essence will be pungent ”

©Payal Tyagi,Life Memoirs

This is the first time I am taking a quote challenge,so that I may become punctual in writing quotes.Anyone who would be open to carry forward this challenge,please go for it.


Child Development and Education


She get sad , when she get up in morning

Foreboding she has no life goals

What ever she do ,goes wrong

Making her depress more and more

But then one day she realise this is not the way

her life meant to  be

She will do only those things now ,

which makes her happy………

Same situation was with me till few hours before ,but now I am happy after sharing my emotions and thoughts.

Happy Blogging !!

When you get messed up between your life goals and your failures…….just do what makes you happy :)